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History of the School

History of the School: Hotty Totty ECD Centre was first established on a premises 1800 m2 in the Hilton area. With 7 classrooms, 2 kitchens, 1 indoor playroom, an office, a playground and a large swimming pool. With only 1 student for the first few months, we then enrolled 8 pupils in March of 2014. Currently standing on a total of 100 children, our premises now takes up to 120 learners. In keeping to a small number, manageable and controllable for staff, we are total of 14 employees. Our foundation education has been the most important component. Unlike everyday daycare, we leaped in faith investing in quality education. And so, Eduhope Africa came on board with their curriculum. Partnered with Renee Coetzee, a kinder kenetix specialist, Hannel Maree an arts and craft specialist, Renco computers and Elsabe as a swimming instructor. Hotty Totty was stronger than ever. As my passion grows towards the children and their education and even parents encouraging me to take a step further, I looked at the possibilities for land to build a 16350 m2 school. A dream that may take time.. As I observed other options, I started doing research on private / independent schools. Many gazettes, policies, procedures, and laws later.. I said to myself, it is possible..


In 2016 everything was put into place to submit. Unfortunately, application was passed deadline.


2017 was left to inspiration as I flew to Helsinki, capital of Finland. There I visited schools of world class education. On a particular visit to the international school of Vantaa, Helsinki is where the dream grew to new heights.


2018 preparations towards opening had its challenges. Telephonic interviews followed and in the beginning we had a single grade R teacher. Pupils enrolled were one Grade 1, one Grade 2 and seven Grade R’s. It was small but the hope of a bigger future kept us going. With plans on paper, this also gave us an opportunity now to see how this works practically.


With premises challenges in 2018, I pushed and finally.. Approved by the department, we could open our doors in 2019.

We continue on the principles founded in Hotty Totty. Keeping the quality of teachers and education as foundation of Anchor Independent Academy. We offer the best education money can buy, preparing your child for a brighter tomorrow.

Anchor Independent Academy. Based on the success of Hotty Totty Early Childhood Development Centre, since 2013. Now is the time to realise the vision 2030 ideals.

How the name "Anchor" came about

1: a device usually of metal attached to a ship or boat by a cable and cast overboard to hold it in a particular place by means of a fluke that digs into the bottom. 2: a reliable or principal support: mainstay a quarterback who has been the anchor of the team’s offense
Anchor – Definition
The word Anchor and its meaning carry enough weight. With our country’s education struggles, it was easy to decide on the name I believe education is the key to success but wisdom brings knowledge!