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Anchor Independent Academy exclusive private school.

Opened in 2019, Anchor Independent Academy is an exclusive private school. Our core differentiating factor is our policy of only allowing 15 children per teacher. A successful strategy resulting in a smooth and focused growth of building our children’s character and integrity to a high standard.

Also, this aids the opportunity to structure discipline and integrity in our children at an early stage, carrying the school’s name to a worldwide standard throughout their future. This can also be seen in their speech, how they present themselves in their communities and social sector.

About us

Currently standing on a total of 100 children, our premises now takes up to 120 learners. In keeping to a small number, manageable and controllable for staff, we are total of 14 employees. Our foundation education has been the most important component.


The school incorporates South Africa’s CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement). Teachers make use of the syllabus as a guideline. They then incorporate their own methods of teaching the daily program

How we work

The foundation phase is the key to a brighter future. A new grade is to be introduced with each year as our current class graduates into a higher grade. Physical, emotional and intellectual strength, we focus on the requirements in development of learners.
Through games and activities, our mission is to see children experience childhood with and without technology. Thus developing their thinking and social skills.

We build self-discipline, motivation and excellence in children and parents. In so doing, teaching them to take ownership of their lives and choices. Teachers and parent involvement is of utmost importance in assistance to a brighter future.

In Sesotho: Thupa e kojwa esale metsi!!! With values and principles based on Christian beliefs, we believe there is nothing without God!
Anchor Independent Academy, creating identities and behaviour through Christian values.

We teach children that everyone is special and needs to be treated as such.
Our vision is to provide stability and confidence in our educational system. Then, reflected through our children and teachers national and international.

•To create well-rounded, confident, and responsible individuals who are dedicated to reaching their full potential. •We focus on developing learners physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development.
• Prepare learners to be responsible ethical, creative, productive, and compassionate citizens.
•Focus on the growth of children’s characters, integrity, and self-discipline.
•Encourage academic success and equity for diverse learners.
•Strive to provide a sense of belonging and a secure, quality learning environment, as well as prepare children for success and beyond.
- Vision

We will guide each child through their learning journey, fostering tolerance, resilience and a passion for knowledge that will prepare them for life beyond the classroom.
• We strive to enhance success, reduce barriers to learning and ensure inclusion for all learners while also assisting them in becoming self-assured individuals. - Mission

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Hotty Totty ECD Centre. Children have more play time at the core of our education strategy. With 15 children per teacher, the center also boasts 4 general assistants, as and when needed by teachers.