Education: Foundation phase

The school incorporates South Africa’s CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement). Teachers make use of the syllabus as a guideline. They then incorporate their own methods of teaching the daily program, in line with the schools policy. Education starts at 8am – 1pm. Learning through play is our main focus. With intervals between lessons we have recess routines with leg stretch, songs and educational games. Listening Interaction Play Reading Fantasy Writing Discipline

Education: Intermediary phase

CAPS curriculum is in use at this level. But with growing students, sports and physical development are a focus point. As are spelling bee and Die Vrystaatse Kunswedstrydvereniging where pupils stand in front of an audience in competition with other schools. This is a crucial phase where pupils become aware of their surroundings.

Extra projects apart from curriculum

  • Bulling campaign
  • Community projects with visits to hospitals, old age homes and children homes
  • Social responsibilities
  • Outdoor activities

Extra lessons apart from curriculum

  • Cooking
  • Woodwork
  • Gardening